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Sunday, April 7, 2013

No Space For the New Message?

Assalam.lame dh tak memblogging kan diri almost a year.hahahah.. 
setahun satu entry..hamek kaw?
since tgah online..try la wat satu entry..dulu bukan memain brkobar benar lau  menghapdate blog...sebb kekangan masa so, jdilah mcm ni...
let me start the story about me..and what was happened to me in 2012? i think a lots of things that i and foremost

Thanks to ALLAH.. getting a blh la nk kurgkan beban mak ayh.. Syukur.

So, having the students that always love to online, surfing, last they found my blog that is not updating almost 0ne i think im going to start sumthing new with this check it out guys!

pada yg jumpe blog ni, dont publish it to the publc. malu la hahahahha

letak gambar ckit...

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